UK listeners stream over 500m tracks a week, Smooth hire Danny Pietroni, UKRD acquire Brighton’s Juice 107.2 ~ Behind the Mic

Jul 2015  Radio News

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UK listeners stream more than 500 million tracks a week

BPI and the Official Charts Company reported that weekly audio streams in the UK have exceeded the 500 million milestone. It’s the first time to reach that metric. Average weekly audio streams in the country have risen steadily over the past year, from 276.9 million in July 2014.

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Smooth Radio hires Magic’s Danny Pietroni

Danny Pietroni is making the switch from Magic to Smooth Radio to host the late show. He’ll join in November to host the 10pm till 1am slot, titled Smooth Love Songs – a similar slot to what he currently presents with Mellow Magic.

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Brighton’s Juice 107.2 joins UKRD Group

UKRD has acquired a majority stake in Brighton’s Juice 107.2. The deal, valuations about which have not been released, sees the group take just over 50% of the shareholding in the business, while existing shareholders retain the remainder.

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Local Radio comes back to Scotland

Bauer brings local radio back to Scotland Bauer’s FM stations in Scotland are to get a number of new country specific programmes, breaking away from some current networked shows with England.

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