Global Radio Makes Some Noise with fundraiser, Sunset Radio returns to DAB, UK internet radio voted top 10 music station in the world ~ Behind the mic

Oct 2015  Radio News

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Global Radio raises £1,995,869 during Make Some Noise fundraiser

Created by Global, the media and entertainment group, Global’s Make Some Noise is a charity that helps to change young lives.

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Radiocentre partners IPA Effectiveness Awards

The awards showcase advertising’s effectiveness and the meaningful achievement it brings to the bottom line of business.

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Sunset Radio returns to Manchester on DAB

Sunset Radio, a radio station last heard in 1993 in Manchester is returning on DAB in the city, today.

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UK Internet Radio Station voted into top 10 music stations in the world

Two Global internet radio streaming companies vote Scotland69am one of the Top 10 internet Radio Stations in the World.


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