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Aug 2015  Radio News

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Pirate FM Launches Two New Radio Stations

Two new radio stations are being launched by Pirate FM soon: Escape and Pirate Oldies. Escape will feature the relaxing soundscapes of Cornish scenes. The other, an all oldies station, will play music from the 50s to the 80s, focussing on the 60s and 70s. They join Pirate FM and Pirate 2, taking the total number of stations to broadcast from UKRD in the area to four.

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New Commercial DAB station in Glasgow: GO!

A new commercial radio station is launching in Glasgow on DAB next month as part of the small-scale DAB experiment. Tiger Tim Stevens MBE has been revealed as one of the directors, joining former Clyde 1 presenter Kevin Cameron who will be the Programme Director. Spencer Pryor, the founder of Eklipse Sports Radio, and former senior staff of Radio Clyde’s commercial department is also involved.

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CityBeat Joins Q Radio Network

Seven months after buying Citybeat Belfast from CN Group, Q Radio Network has rebranded the station as Q. A full marketing launch is planned over the next few weeks. The network provides two breakfast shows – one for Belfast and one for the rest of the Q network, then each of the seven stations has a local mid-morning show from 10am till 1pm.

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UK minister points to “very close” targets for DAB conversion

UK Minister of Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Ed Vaizey spoke recently on BBC 4 about the potential FM radio switch-off in favor of DAB. “When we reach a certain target of listening on digital—and we’re very close to that target at the moment—we’ll take a view on what the appropriate next step will be,” he said.

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