Chris Moyles Launches Radio X, CDNX to launch, Free Radio Live ~ Behind the mic

Sep 2015  Radio News

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Chris Moyles launches the new national Radio X

A new national radio station has launched this morning as The Chris Moyles Show makes a commercial radio comeback.

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Founder of Xfm starts something new: CDNX

The co-founder of Xfm is launching a new service called CDNX. It is described as a “multiplatform music service”, with a radio station, a live events department and a website.

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Free Radio Live returns to Birmingham for 2015

Orion Media is continuing its partnership with the Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA) for its annual live music concert in Birmingham.

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Brighton Digital Festival to feature radio

Radio and music is under the spotlight at the upcoming Brighton Digital Festival on Thursday 24th September.

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