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Oct 2015  Radio News

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Global to extend Digital Audio Exchange to offer advertisers 60m strong audience

Global is set to extend its year-old Digital Audio Exchange (DAX) across 18 countries to reach an audience of 60 million from early 2016.

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Share Radio to replace talkBUSINESS on D2

UTV’s proposed business radio station talkBUSINESS has given up its slot on Digital 2 in favour of a deal with Share Radio.

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Radio’s Digital Countdown – 3rd November

An industry conference organised by Digital Radio UK will take place on Tuesday 3 November, 0900-1130, at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London. Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey MP will speak about digital radio policy with LBC’s Nick Ferrari for
the first time since re-election.

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DAB radio reception extended in West Wiltshire

A new radio transmitter in Trowbridge will expand coverage of digital radio for over 25,000 people in West Wiltshire.Wiltshire is one of the leading counties in the UK for digital radio with 65% of all households having a DAB digital radio and 41% of radio listening to a digital platform, well ahead of the national figures of 51% and 40% respectively.

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