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Jul 2015  Radio News

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Radio City wants to swap AM & FM services

Bauer Media has submitted a request to change Radio City 2 to FM and City Talk to AM in Liverpool. The two Format change requests say 105.9FM (currently home to City Talk) would become a revised Radio City 2 service whilst 1548AM (currently Radio City 2) would become Radio City Talk.

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Radioplayer to include Hybrid Radio data

Radioplayer is to include extra content in its hybrid radio feed, allowing logos to be displayed on more radio sets. The data will then be picked up and displayed on radio sets which support the RadioDNS Hybrid Radio standard, such as internet radio devices with DAB and FM included.

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Spotify’s newest feature is a weekly personalized mixtape

Spotify has launched a new feature called Discover Weekly. This is a two-hour playlist personalized to each individual listener. The song choices for the Discover Weekly list stem from your particular music taste and what other similar fans are listening to. Spotify is billing it as a custom-made mixtape delivered each Monday morning.

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Radio Yorkshire offers Sepp Blatter a placement

Digital and online radio station Radio Yorkshire has made FIFA President Sepp Blatter an offer to enter the world of radio. Last week the 79 year old announced that he is hoping to make a dream career move back into radio journalism when his work with world football’s governing body comes to an end.

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