More services for DAB multiplex, Premier reach 1.3 million weekly listeners, Jon Richardson joins talkSPORT ~ Behind the mic

Sep 2015  Radio News

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More new services for Portsmouth DAB multiplex

Listeners using DAB in the Portsmouth area will soon have two more stations to choose from on the trial multiplex. Manchester-based Gaydio and RedTrain Express from The Jazz UK are being added this month, with more expected to be announced soon.

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Premier reaches 1.3 million listeners weekly

The first independent audience figures for Premier Christian Radio reveal that 1.3 million people listen every week across all platforms – on air and online. Audiomonitor figures – announced at the Next Radio conference at the Royal Institution in London confirm that 2.1 per cent of the UK population listens every week.

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Bauer starts search for next radio presenter

Bauer Media’s North West stations are looking for a new presenter for their Friday night radio show.
But instead of placing a free vacancy ad on, they are asking listeners to send in video demos.

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Jon Richardson joins Matt Forde at talkSPORT

Comedian Jon Richardson has teamed up with Matt Forde as new hosts of talkSPORT’s Saturday show The Warm Up, which started last weekend. The pair will present the build-up show to talkSPORT’s Premier League coverage every Saturday, aiming to give a fan perspective of the weekend’s football action as well as a comedic take on the big sports stories of the week.

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