Brand Integration

Brand Integration utilises radio’s strengths outside the commercial break. It delivers our clients outstanding results, achieving cut through and standout campaigns that are integrated with stations’ programming.

Through brand integration, the client can engage with the listener (their customer) on a one-to-one level, whilst also achieving that all-important station endorsement.

Brand Integration allows advertisers to get close to the station editorial and content, creating natural, uninterrupted and relevant dialogue with listeners. Radio has always been a trusted medium and can deliver creative solutions and partnerships, building on this relationship in a way that no other media can.

The main opportunities are:
Promotions, Sponsorships, Advertiser-funded Programming, Broadcast PR, Station Appearances / Off-site Activity, Editorial Competitions and Bespoke Client-led Content – both on-air and online and through a station’s social media channels. See our Glossary for more Brand Integration terms.

Have a look through our case studies with accompanying audio to find out what’s possible with Brand Integration, or contact Sadia Aziz  for more information.

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