RadioWorks have detailed knowledge and experience of all radio stations in the UK and Ireland (both analogue and digital), and will advise you on which station(s) will achieve the best results for your campaign and your target audience.

Yes! RadioWorks offer full script-writing, commercial production and distribution facilities.

When required, RadioWorks can plan a radio schedule, book the airtime (subject to availability) and produce a commercial within 24 hours of the initial contact and brief. Ideally we’d prefer a week!

No, RadioWorks can cater for any size of radio campaign, no matter how large or small. We frequently plan radio campaigns locally, regionally and nationally, over periods of one day to one year. No budget is too large or too small.

Official broadcast area of radio station, used as a basis for audience measurement. The population figure refers to the total potential audience of a station, within its official boundary.

The total number of exposures to your commercial(s). Not a measure of the number of different people exposed to a commercial, simply the number of times it is heard.

The average number of times the campaign is heard by a listener. For a successful campaign, a rule of thumb is to achieve at least 4 OTH in the first week. Naturally, the more times an ad is heard, the better the result.

An independent research body who monitor the performance of all radio stations in the UK, both BBC or commercial. Results for most stations are issued on a quarterly basis.


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