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Our planning and buying team are the best there is, which is why we’ve been industry leaders for the past 20 years. We understand radio advertising inside and out, giving us the capacity to respond quickly and efficiently to any brief.

Campaign optimisation, Fast and efficient turnaround, Post campaign analysis, Precision	planning with industry tools, Mimimum wastage

We remove any complications involved in advertising on over 300 radio stations, and it’s done in just one call.

If you’re thinking about a national airtime campaign, we know who to target; if you want to target by region, we have local level knowledge; if you want to speak to a specific demographic, we can select all the stations with those listeners. We’ll take the time to explain the rationale behind station choices and frequency, enabling you to have a better understanding of what you can expect for your investment.

As we’re completely independent, we’ll plan any advertising campaign with an unbiased view, maximising your exposure and minimising risk.

We have forged relationships with every radio station in the UK and beyond, so choosing to work with us allows you instant access to that trust and any preferential rates which have been built up over many years.

  • We are committed to:
  • Planning and buying the most cost-effective campaigns to ensure client objectives are met
  • Ensuring minimum wastage and maximum value for money, through precision planning
  • Supporting our recommendations with research and industry data from our Insight department
  • Offering a fast and efficient turn around
  • Monitoring your campaign from start to finish, including delivering post campaign analysis
  • We also offer planning and buying for all overseas markets

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