A radio promotion is an on-air competition, which is usually a short term concentrated burst of intense activity to publicise something new, educate and inform, or just to create a big splash.

Here at RadioWorks we have a dedicated team to create bespoke ideas and tailored concepts to help our clients brands stand out and have them talked about on and off air.

  • A promotion has the following benefits:
  • Delivers sustained, guaranteed coverage at the desired time and allows the client to dominate a relevant environment.
  • It places the client centre stage on the radio station(s).
  • It communicates messages to listeners through editorial and outside the clutter.
  • Messages are delivered and endorsed by credible presenters, and a result weight is added to the message.
  • It brings the advertiser to life adding ‘flavour’ and ‘memorability’ to the message.
  • Offers a sense of news value and ‘this is happening now’ so don’t miss out.
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