Reports and studies

The radio marketplace is constantly evolving and this is where you will find the latest news, reports and studies. From providing an overview of the research into radio and online advertising, to analysis of digital radio and commercial radio’s future.

RadioWorks and Spotify

RadioWorks regularly use Spotify for campaigns which range from raising awareness of store launches, to the recruitment of engineers. Read the full report for a taste of what’s possible.

Ford Kuga and Spotify

Jaguar and Spotify

Virgin Media and Spotify

switch on

A quick look at the timeline towards the digital switchover

Digital Britain debate on Radio 5 Live

RadioWorks for: Online

Radio and Online have long been thought of as complementary to each other and highly compatible. A study (using radio with online) conducted on behalf of the RAB and the IAB looks into this.

RadioWorks for: Holidays

This report looks at the top-line information on radio advertising and how it works well for holiday or travel clients and how RadioWorks can help.

RadioWorks for

RadioWorks for Jamaican tourist board

RadioWorks for beach holidays

RadioWorks for: Property

Radio advertising has been successful for property clients such as Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon and Barratt Homes recently and the signs show that radio can continue this success in the future. Read why radio works so well for property.

RadioWorks for: Car Sales

Radio advertising has proved successful for many local, regional and national car dealerships. Local dealers with, what is considered to be, low budgets are often found advertising on local radio stations. Read why radio works so well for car sales.

RadioWorks for Autoglass

RadioWorks for honda Cars

RadioWorks for Honda Dealers

The Multiplier

Radio works when you multiply what you say by the number of times you say it. Read more to find out why this works.

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