RadioWorks invite you to the South West Radio Day

Oct 2015  Radio News

The RadioWorks Group are holding a radio day for advertisers and agencies in Bristol on Thursday 5th November for a half day morning session.

We’ve gathered a fantastic panel of industry speakers for our half day session that takes a look at the world of digital audio from Spotify’s point of view, the strategic use of music in advertising, and the astounding power of audio itself. The session will include presentations from:

David Cooper, Director of Sales at Spotify
spotify logo

It’s no secret that people are listening differently these days. Consumers are finding new ways to get their favorite content through streaming platforms, and are spending more time with these channels.  Find out how Spotify can work for your clients with this insightful presentation.

Donna Burns, Insight Manager at RadioCentre
RadioCentre presents their latest research, Strike a Chord, which is an in-depth study exploring how music enhances brand communication with a view to helping advertisers and agencies discover how to strategically link music to brands.

Sam Crowther, Head of Creative at Bauer Media Group
Sam will present his unique experiential presentation, ‘The Power of Sound’, which explores how sound affects us both consciously and subliminally – definitely one not to be missed!

Downsy, Breakfast Show Presenter, Sam FM Bristol

Downsy will be hosting a  live version of his famous breakfast show promotion ‘it’s gone in sixty seconds’. This is a fantastic way for advertisers and agencies to have first hand insight into the relationship between a presenter and their listeners.

Spaces are limited so please RSVP to secure your space to

The RadioWorks South West Radio Day
Thursday  5th November

Arnolfini Bristol
16 Narrow Quay

Breakfast served at 9am for a 9.30am start.
The Radio day is due to finish at midday and we will be hosting drinks afterwards in the Shore café bar for those that can join us.

Shore Café Bar
Prince Street

We hope to see you there!

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