Radio sponsorships generate brand awareness through association with a radio station’s editorial. Highly targeted and longer term propositions can be the making of a brand and may include sponsorship of weather, traffic and travel, a complete show or even a specific station-led competition.

What is a Sponsorship?

By its nature, a sponsorship is a long-term partnership, thus keeping the brand to the forefront of listener’s minds. Working rather like a drip campaign, sponsorship is a relatively inexpensive way to maintain profile amongst a desired audience.

  • There are two distinct types of radio sponsorship:
  • Independent Sponsorship – This is the addition of a sponsor’s name and positioning statement to a programming strand already familiar to the listener (eg. Weather, Traffic & Travel, the Breakfast Show etc.).
  • Dependent Sponsorship – This is where a programming feature is created specifically for the sponsor and is, in essence, new to the listener. This could, for example, be the creation of Olympic updates or film/book reviews. The feature should always be interesting and informative to the listener. 

Why use Sponsorships?

On-air sponsorship is great for building brand awareness. Your sponsorship will give you frequent name check mentions, along with a brief positioning statement.

Sponsorship builds awareness, typically over 12 months but never less than 3 months. Over time, a strong positive association can be built in the listeners mind, between the brand name the attributes of the sponsored programme giving the client ownership of the sponsored property.

A sponsorship is less direct: The client can get to the audience in a much more subtle way. The status of the sponsor is enhanced by being associated with the station which has been chosen specifically by that listener.

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