Text Response

How do our clients make it easy for a listener to respond to their advertising message and measure their marketing success at the same time? With RadioWorks innovative text response services!

And with only 18% of marketing and advertising agencies offering any sort of SMS marketing or mobile services*, why not use our expertise, experience and complete service.

Not only do we want to see our clients’ radio campaign reaching exactly the right audience at exactly the right moment, but we can now show the results in real time. With a choice of text response service, we can cater to our clients’ individual needs.

  • Text Response Services:
  • Standard text response – using radio creative, we invite listeners to text in to learn more about a service or offer. A text is sent automatically back to the listener with further information.
  • Multi-media text response – we invite listeners in the same way as a standard text response, however the reply back can be in a multi media format including picture, audio or video.
  • Location based text response – using either standard or multi-media text response, we can send listeners information relating to their specific location. Ideal for those businesses wishing to direct a listener to a store or location closest to them.
  • For more information on how text response has worked for some of our clients and could work for you, please contact RadioWorks.
  • *Source: Mobile Marketing Association
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