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This Weeks Question:

The Premier League 2017-8 kicked off last Friday, so this week we want to know: Have you joined up to a Fantasy Football League?
Poll Results

Current Results:

Yes - and confident I will win! - 11%
Yes - but I have no idea what I am doing! - 16%
No - I hate football! - 58%
Just give me the prize! - 15%

Comments Include:

Laura Jones from The Specialist Works who voted for No - I hate football! said:


"I'm a rugby girl!"
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nicola kidner from The Wireless who voted for No - I hate football! said:


"It's really hard to be in the company of the rest of the team at the moment, it's so hard to hear about constantly, when it's so boring! :0)"
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Katherine Wilcock from All Response Media who voted for No - I hate football! said:


"Has football season started already?! "
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