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This Weeks Question:

Frank Ocean has released a visual album on Apple Music, what is your digital music platform of choice?
Poll Results

Current Results:

Apple Music - 16%
Spotify - 68%
Deezer - 0%
Other (please name e.g. Shazam) - 4%
Just give me the prize! - 12%

Comments Include:

Gemma Boss from Chalk & Ward who voted for Just give me the prize! said:


"I don't listen to music on digital platforms"
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Tim Samuel from Smithfield who voted for Other (please name e.g. Shazam) said:


"Amazon Music all the way - works great with Prime too!"
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Joseph Lee from VCCP media who voted for Spotify said:


"Apple music has issues with connection"
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Daniel Steele from Bauer Media who voted for Just give me the prize! said:


"I don't have a digital music platform of choice. I might occasionally play something from youtube for the kids but i listen to Radio or Podcasts"
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