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Ad-funded programming

An Ad-Funded Programme is a bespoke piece of programming commissioned by the advertiser. The production of the programme can be out-sourced to a production company, or done in-house with the client covering all production costs. The key difference between an Ad-Funded Programme and normal show Sponsorship, is that the strand of programming would not exist without the advertiser.

Southern Comfort and Jazz FM Case Study

In 2010 Jazz FM began an exclusive relationship with Southern Comfort who took ownership of ‘The Big Easy’, one of Jazz FM’s most popular shows, creating ‘The Southern Comfort Big Easy’.


An Advertorial is a pre-recorded piece of audio written and produced by the station, which contains factual or entertaining information that relates to the client. The advertorial is in association with the client, but is also a stand-alone piece of editorial. Advertorials can vary in length.

NHS Stop Smoking Case Study

This was designed to raise awareness about the free South West NHS local stop smoking service, and educate smokers who wanted to quit about the support available to them.

Audio Visual

An Audio Visual – or AV Promotion – comprises of ‘audio’ promotional-trailers on air, which drive to the ‘visual’ element of winning online via the radio station’s website competition page. An AV is commonly used to generate data capture for the advertiser.

Danepak and Magic 105.4FM Case Study

The aim was to promote Danepak as the only brand of bacon to eat at breakfast and bring their ‘Welcome to Mornings’ campaign to life.

Broadcast PR

Broadcast PR is when we take a client’s latest news story or press release and turn it into radio cue-sheets. Then we accurately plan a campaign schedule to reach the target market, detailing the best broadcasters (BBC and Commercial) for the story. The story is pitched to programme editors and producers and we source a spokesperson to conduct the interview. The spokesperson will be positioned as an industry expert and given the opportunity to talk to millions of listeners across the UK.

Tate Case Study

In 2010 Tate and Legacy Trust UK launched the first ever Tate Movie. Tate collaborated with Aardman – the animation company behind Wallace and Gromit; and Fallon, the creative agency that originated the concept. The Tate Movie was the first animation film of its kind made by and for children across the UK.

Buy Out

A Buy Out is when an advertiser buys the whole two or three minute advertising break on a particular radio station, and replaces the time with their own commercial message(s). Programming at the radio station need to approve the buy out and also the audio the client supplies. Quite often the station will work with the client to make the content more engaging to listeners, and keeping within the sound of the station’s editorial.

Foxy Bingo Case Study

Foxy Bingo wanted to drive new registrations to their website (Foxybingo.com) plus increase brand warmth and engagement levels.


A Co-Promotion harnesses the power and authority of the radio station to raise awareness and highlight a specific event and its details (e.g. dates, venue, what’s on), making listeners aware of the event, and increasing ticket sales / footfall. Often there are reciprocal benefits to the station, such as their logo on other advertising, or branding at the event.

British Basketball and Capital Yorkshire Case Study

To encourage ticket sales for the British Basketball three-day event at the Sheffield Motorpoint Arena on July 14th, we ran a one-week co-promotional campaign on Capital Radio Yorkshire.


Events allow advertisers to interact with the radio stations listeners (their customers) in the flesh. Below are just some of the ways that advertisers and radio stations can work together to interact with listeners

See our Events page

Outside Broadcast

An Outside Broadcast is when the radio station broadcasts live off-site. This can be from the client’s premises, an overseas destination, or even in obscure places such as the top of the BT Tower in London.

Longleat – Heart Case Study

The aim of the promotion and activity was to generate excitement around Christmas at Longleat Safari Park, by specifically targeting families around the Christmas winter festivities and educating listeners on the new Christmas attractions.


A Promotion is a chance for the radio station to talk about a client, by giving the listener a chance to win a related prize provided by the advertiser. A promotion can be on-air with listeners interacting with the presenter, or online with listeners entering the competition via the station’s website. A promotion is often the only way an advertiser can have access to the much coveted presenter live reads.

Suzuki and XFM Manchester Case Study

The aim was to raise awareness of the Suzuki Swift, and drive footfall to five showrooms in Greater Manchester.


By nature, a Sponsorship is a longer-term partnership, thus keeping the brand to the forefront of the listeners minds. Working rather like a drip campaign, sponsorship is a relatively inexpensive way to maintain profile amongst a desired audience, usually with a 10 second pre-recorded, dual-branded sponsorship credit.

  • There are two distinct types of radio sponsorship:
  • Independent Sponsorship – This is the addition of a sponsor’s name and strapline to a programming strand already familiar to the listener (eg. weather, traffic and travel or the breakfast show etc).

  • Dependent Sponsorship – This is where a programming feature is created specifically for the sponsor or sector and is, in essence, new to the listener. For example, this could be the creation of Olympic updates, or film/book reviews. The feature should always be interesting and informative.


Trend Micro and Absolute Radio Case Study

Trend Micro wanted to be positioned as a safe and secure internet security solution, creating a world where it is absolutely safe to exchange digital information without “slowing you down”.

Text Response

This is an alternative response mechanism to phone numbers or websites. Text response allows an instant and convenient call to action, and allows immediate capture of details. It also enables you to monitor more accurately the response of your radio campaign, by comparing commercial transmission times and text response times received.

housing 21 and Choice FM Case Study

housing21 wanted to promote a recruitment open day for care workers



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