Bloomberg radio joins Radioplayer, Leona Graham named the best female radio voice ~ Behind the mic

Aug 2016  
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Digital Audio story of the week

Is a rethink required on streaming services and their impact on the charts?

Streaming ‘sales’ accounted for 81% of the singles market in Q2, meaning songs that are a hit on services such as Spotify inevitably see similar success on the Official Singles Chart.

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Industry News stories

Bloomberg Radio launches European breakfast show

A new breakfast show for Europe is launching on Bloomberg Radio, as the station joins the Radioplayer platform.

Radio Today 

Oak 107 goes off the air suddenly

Oak 107 announced to listeners that is has ceased broadcasting as of 6pm last Thursday.

Radio Today 

Radio Times reveals the nation’s favourite radio voices

Leona Graham from Absolute Radio tops the Radiotimes best weightloss poll as the favourite female voice.

Radio Today

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