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Why podcast advertising?

We’re passionate about podcasts, and we’re not alone. Reaching over 10 million listeners, podcasts are drawing in a wider audience each month and rapidly becoming an essential part of people’s daily lives. Podcast advertising is the perfect way to tap into this growing audience and communicate your message to millions of UK listeners who are open to learning more about your brand.

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The podcast audience

Listeners are diverse, educated and crave the rich and enjoyable content podcasts provide, which cover everything from Sport and Health to News and Politics. This audience is more engaged with podcasts than many other mediums and as a result “76% say they have acted on a brand message within a podcast” (Acast, 2018).

So, if podcasts are becoming a key part of people’s daily lives, it’s only fair that brands start to incorporate it as part of their strategy. To learn more about this unique channel and its vast commercial benefits, talk to us today.

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Select a specific category or show to create reach and awareness through dynamically injected adverts.


Sponsored Reads

Personalised endorsement reads by relevant presenters and talent.


Brand Led Podcasts

Create a series of original shows that are specific to your brand and audience.


Talent Led Podcasts

Managing and monetising content for presenters, producers and talent.


Our specialist Account Managers, Planners and Creative teams will provide you with the best podcast solution to optimise your campaign.

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