Could Spotify take over Soundcloud? Radio X host an evening with Liam Gallagher and Tom Price joins Magic

Oct 2016  

Spotify and Soundcloud

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Spotify ‘in talks to take over Soundcloud’

Music streaming company Spotify is reportedly in talks to take over $700m (£535m) rival Soundcloud. The two sides are in advanced negotiations, according to the Financial Times. Sweden’s Spotify remains the market leader but faces increasing competition from Apple Music and Amazon’s recently launched music service.

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Jon Holmes takes an unexpected journey

Jon Holmes has starred in another video about digital radio, getting its first screening at the Radio Festival.
Jon travels around the UK looking at digital radio and the minimuxes currently operating in a number of towns and cities around the UK, showcasing the growth of digital radio stations.

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Radio X to host an evening with Liam Gallagher

Radio X’s Johnny Vaughan will talk to Liam about his life and career in front of an intimate audience at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium on Sunday October 16th. They’ll also be joined by Oasis guitarist Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs.

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Magic radio show for actor and comedian Tom Price

Welsh actor and comedian Tom Price is joining Magic to host two new weekend shows.
He’ll be on-air each Saturday and Sunday from 3-6pm on the national station, based in London.
Tom is known as a stand-up comedian and has acted in a range of TV series – ITV’s ‘Victoria’, BBC’s Saturday night drama ‘Torchwood’ and Sky 1’s ‘Stella’.

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