Dales radio to launch in Yorkshire, Iain Lee to return to radio? ~ Behind the mic

Jan 2016  
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Trademarks made for more Beats radio stations

Apple could be launching at least four more radio stations after trademarks were made for Beats 2, Beats 3, Beats 4 and Beats 5.

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Dales Radio set to launch in Yorkshire

A community radio station which won a licence over two years ago is getting ready to launch.

Dales Radio – covering some of the Yorkshire Dales National Park – will officially launch on Monday January 11th 2016 using AM and FM frequencies

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Iain Lee to return to radio in 2016

Iain Lee has broken his silence about his future in radio by announcing he’s got a new radio job lined up. Iain tweeted thar he’ll be back on the radio in March/April 2016.

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Bauer Radio’s Mission Christmas raises £12.9m

Cash for Kids from Bauer has managed to raise almost £13m for its latest Mission Christmas campaign, with the help of a number of celebrities.

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