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Jul 2016  
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Digital Audio story of the week

Apple in acquisition talks with Tidal

The Wall Street Journal reported that the two parties have been in talks. Both Tidal and Apple Music have been focused on creating artist-friendly services, each securing some coups in exclusive releases over the past month.

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Industry News stories

Magic Radio Launches Magic Soul Summer

Bauer Media has today, launched another digital pop up station featuring ‘The Best of Soul and Motown’. It will be the first station broadcasting across the UK dedicated to Soul music.

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Talksport owner Wireless Group bought by News Corp

News Corp has agreed to buy Wireless Group, the owner of Talksport radio, in a deal worth about £220m.

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4 out of 5 top car brands include DAB radio as standard

The top five UK new car brands account for over 44% of all new car sales and four of them – Ford, Volkswagen, BMW and Audi – are now fitting DAB into all of their new cars. The fifth – Vauxhall – is fitting DAB into 82% of their new cars, in line with the market average but with plans to include all models in the future.

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