The Hits has replaced Bauer City 3 and Radioplayer launches a ‘smart radio’ for connected cars

Sep 2017  Radio News

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Making the Connection Between Podcast Fans and Their Purchase Behaviour

By matching purchase behaviour to podcast fans, brands, marketers and
advertisers have the ability to quantify the value of those listeners—down
to the specific genres of podcasts they listen to.


Industry News Stories

Audi to feature Radioplayer’s ‘smart radio’ in new A8 model

Radioplayer is launching a “smart radio” for connected cars, with Audi the first brand to sign up to using them in production.


The Hits replaces Bauer’s City 3 Network

Bauer brand extension “City 3 Network” has ceased broadcasting and has
been replaced with The Hits on local DAB multiplexes. The 3 Network – which
includes 12 stations such as Rock FM 3, Clyde 3, Forth 3, Radio Aire 3 and
Metro 3 Radio – reverted back to The Hits on Friday, 1st September.

Radio Today

On-demand audio audience trends younger and listens longer

News and talk content on demand is more likely to be younger than the typical AM/FM radio audience. The median age for AM/FM listeners is 62, compared with 54 for on-demand. Both Millennials and Generation X listeners had a larger share of time spent with that on-demand segment than with AM/FM radio.


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