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Mar 2015  
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Mayor of London Boris Johnson says it’s hard to justify ‘the full whack’ of the BBC licence fee

Boris Johnson has called for the scrapping of the BBC licence fee during a radio interview in which he admitted he never watches linear news on television. Speaking on LBC radio, the London mayor claimed that the BBC needs to change if it wants to survive a rapidly changing media environment which sees the old-school fee having to compete with subscription services from media rivals such as Netflix. Marking in his view a slump in the value of linear TV, Johnson admitted that he doesn’t “watch TV news anymore” as he “gets it all on the web”.

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Music discovery platform Tradiio lands in the UK

Music discovery streaming platform Tradiio has launched in the UK, with the ambition to create a destination for music fans to discover and influence the careers of up-and-coming artists. Available on the web and via iOS and Android apps, Tradiio gives popular acts the chance to win potentially career-enhancing opportunities.

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Tim Key: I love my radios. I love being on them, too

I love the radio. Always have. Just take a look around my flat. I’d love you to show me a room where there isn’t a radio. I’d love you to do that. My worry is you might be slightly up against it. Kitchen: radio. Lounge: radio. Bedroom: two radios. I could go on. Bathroom: radio. Study: radio. Have I left any rooms out? Don’t think so. Have I left any radios out? A couple. So it’s a real treat for me that every year or so I get to make a bit of radio. Don’t know how it came about. Living with the right PhD student at the right time, I suppose…

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