1, 2, 3… Sunrise! ~ Radio-Recap

Dec 2013  Radio News RadioWorks Blog

Now titled Sunrise Radio 2 and 3 respectively, the two stations will continue to cater content for the Asian community, with Sunrise Radio 2 playing the Bollywood Top 40 and Sunrise Radio 3 providing listeners with classic Asian hits as well as talk for the Greater London area.

Sunrise Radio itself enjoyed a great set of listening figures for last quarter; its national brand saw a 30.8% increase in weekly listeners putting its overall figures up 38% year on year.

Whilst other mediums also provide specialist output for audiences, people consider radio stations in a different light: they are more passionate, more involved and they see radio as friend. When was the last TV or magazine brand you saw as a car sticker? This is great news for advertisers, as it makes radio a exceptionally effective medium. Get in touch and learn more.

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