Spotify has 25m subscribers, New radio station in Kent, Alex Salmond on LBC ~ Behind the mic

Jan 2016  
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Digital Audio story of the week

Spotify has at least 25m subscribers around the world

Yesterday, news broke that Apple Music had raced to 10m subscribers within seven months since its launch.

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Industry News stories

Brand new radio station to launch in Kent

A new online radio station for the coastal town of Deal in Kent is getting ready for launch
on the 24th January.


LBC Hires Alex Salmond for a weekly phone-in

Politician Alex Salmond is getting ready to say what he really thinks in a new weekly show on LBC each Wednesday afternoon. From January 13th, The Alex Salmond Phone-in will air from 4pm to 4.30pm during Iain Dale’s show.

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Stray FM’s web traffic goes up due to floods

Traffic to Stray FM’s website saw an increase of more than 1,000% over Christmas because of flooding in the area.

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