Kid Jensen and Pat Sharp join My Music Radio and Absolute Radio commissions a U2 Documentary

Nov 2016  
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Spotify debuts another animated video series

Spotify’s push for new video content is continuing at break-neck speed. The latest release is an animated series titled “Drawn & Recorded.” The ten episodes will share stories from pop music history. Subjects include Kurt Cobain’s motivation for writing Smells Like Teen Spirit and Louis Armstrong’s ties to then-Vice President Richard Nixon.


Industry News Stories

Kid Jensen and Pat Sharp join UKRD DAB station

David Jensen and Pat Sharp are among the presenting line-up for commercial radio operator UKRD’s new digital service, My Music Radio. The service replaces the ‘Oldies’ branded stations on DAB multiplexes in Surrey, Cornwall and North Yorkshire and will also be added to the small-scale multiplex in Cambridge, which is run by UKRD.

Radio Today

Anglian Radio to merge five stations into two

Anglian Radio is to share all peak programming between Dream and Town, and between North Norfolk Radio, Radio Norwich and The Beach.

Two stations will operate instead of the current five, but each will keep its current identity and local news. Off peak programmes will continue to be shared, from 7pm till 6am across all five stations, from Norwich.

Radio Today 

Absolute Radio commissions U2 Documentary

A four-part exclusive series celebrating 40 years of U2, aired last night (Sunday) on Absolute Radio.

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