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May 2016  
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Digital Audio story of the week

Streaming is paying Universal $4m a day – but iTunes income is crashing

Revenue for UMG’s recorded music catalogue from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music – across subscription and ad-funded – was up 59.7% in Q1 to €307m ($351m).

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Industry News stories

Self-service Radio Trading Desk website launched

An automated online ‘trading desk’ for the broadcast radio industry has launched today. The website includes a self-service dashboard facility built for agencies
and advertisers, who can access low advertising rates via a proprietary market exchange model.

Radio Today 

Absolute Radio launches new football show instead of bidding for Premier League rights

Rock N Roll Football is making a comeback to Saturday afternoons at Absolute Radio as the station ends live
football commentary.
Absolute Radio decided to not bid for Premier League right, ending a six year run of live coverage.

The Drum 

Digital Radio Tick Mark installers hit 1000

There are now over 1000 registered Digital Radio Tick Mark installers at car retailers and dealerships across the UK.

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