UK digital adspend grows, Iain Lee pranks talkSPORT colleagues~ Behind the mic

Apr 2016  
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Digital Audio story of the week

Digital adspend grows at fastest rate for seven years

UK digital adspend grew 16.4% in 2015 to over £8.6bn with the average home
now owning 8.3 internet devices. The 16.4% year-on-year rise in spend is the highest growth rate since 2008 (17.1%), as the number of internet-enabled devices per household increased 12% in a year to 8.3 per UK household.


Industry News stories

Date set for Planet Rock and Absolute 80s move

Digital One has requested to remove Absolute 80s and Planet Rock from its multiplex from April 30th.

At the moment, the two Bauer services are available on two national DAB services, following the launch of Sound Digital Limited.

Radio Today 

Iain Lee Pranks talkSPORT live on talkRADIO

talkRADIO’s Iain Lee is back on form with his signature prank calls to radio stations after calling his colleagues at talkSPORT.

Radio Today 

The Hub community station will stay off-air

Community radio station The Hub, in Cornwall, will remain on-air for the foreseeable future thanks to offers of outside investment.

Radio Today 

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