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Dec 2014  Behind the Mic

Radio presenters face the sack for not playing Christmas music

Two radio presenters in Berkshire are facing the sack for refusing to play festive tunes on their programme. Robin and Neal, hosts of breakfast on JACK fm, which has a slogan of “playing what we want”, wants the duo to play Christmas songs but they are refusing.

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Kisstory and heat added to five DAB multiplexes

Bauer’s Kisstory and heat digital radio stations are being added to five local DAB multiplexes. They will both appear on Cambridge, Kent, Norwich, Nottingham and Sussex after multiplex line-up change requests were approved by Ofcom. Bauer also confirms applications are in process to add Kisstory to 15 local multiplexes in total.

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Blog: The end of digital doom-mongering is nigh… or is it?

Digital prophets calling the doom of the old world are well past their sell-by date, says Mark Barber, planning director at the Radio Advertising Bureau.

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