5 live football show moves to Audioboom, talkSPORT signs more international deals plus Jazz FM goes presenter-free

Aug 2016  
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5 live non-league show moves to Audioboom

BBC Radio 5 live is dropping its non-league football show after a four year national run.
Audioboom has now picked up the show after the BBC decided not to recommission it.

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talkSPORT signs more international deals

talkSPORT has secured a number of new international rights deals that extend the broadcaster’s existing Premier League offering across China, Mexico, Bahrain and Nigeria.

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Jazz FM goes presenter-free in late night slot

A new schedule at Jazz FM sees Helen Mayhew move on from Dinner Jazz and Clare Anderson’s Late Lounge come to an end.

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Celador sells 40% shareholding in Radio Exe

Devon Radio Ltd, part of Celador Entertainment, has sold its 40% shareholding in Radio Exe.
Paul Smith CBE, chairman Celador Entertainment, has also resigned as a director of Radio Exe meaning the ownership and control of the station is all local.

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