Spotify test video in playlists, 50 stations sign up for local radio day

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Spotify testing video in playlists

The streaming service is experimenting with a mixed audio and visual format in its popular rap playlist. Clips range from an intro and outro video for the curated playlist to full-length music videos.
So far, the addition of videos appears to be a U.S.-only test run.

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Sound advice: How to reach new audiences through streaming audio

Audio streaming is reaching audiences in places that video can’t go – it’s time to get your message into people’s ears.


50 stations sign up for Local Radio Day

On the day itself, 26th May, local radio stations will celebrate local radio engagement in the areas and communities they broadcast to.

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Tony Blackburn leaves Greatest Hits network

Tony Blackburn left Bauer’s City 2 Network this weekend, with his last show on Sunday 26th March 2017.
Tony started a weekend show on the network for five years, when it was known as the Magic network.

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