Audioboom podcasts now on Deezer, Will Young launches LGBT podcast

Jul 2017  Radio News

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AudioBoom gets its podcasts in Deezer

Podcasters who use the audioBoom platform for hosting and distribution may now reach Deezer’s 12 million active users worldwide, offering Deezer listeners immediate access to nearly 230 new podcasts in English and Spanish.


Industry News Stories

Radiocentre wants higher BBC accountability

The commercial radio body, Radiocentre, says it wants Ofcom to strengthen the proposals in the draft Operating Licence for the BBC.

Radio Today

Will Young on his new LGBT podcast Homo Sapiens

Woman’s Hour is one of Radio’s most well-respected, best-loved institutions, with an army of devoted fans – among them many men, including pop star Will Young and film director Chris Sweeney. However it was listening to their favourite show that the pair, best friends since Sweeney directed a video for Young, had an epiphany: why didn’t a similar type of show exist for LGBT people

The Telegraph

Three quarters of women feel stereotyped in ads

A new study into the representation of women in ads reveals that 77% of females find the way women are generally portrayed in advertising to be stereotypical, with 65% of men agreeing.


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