7 questions on RAJAR Q3 in our Q&A

Oct 2013  Radio News

1. What will RAJAR Q3 2013 be remembered for?
It’s a set of figures that reflect good year on year results, but perhaps not quarter on quarter – nevertheless the summer months are always somewhat down. Digital listening is up 13% year on year with 51% of radio listeners accessing radio via a digital platform.

Station-wise, Kiss UK will be delighted with their figures as they now reach over 5 million listeners for the first time and they will be especially pleased with the first RAJAR figures for new brand extension Kisstory, which reported 854,000 weekly listeners.

2. Which radio station is your RAJAR hero?

Hallam FM
. The Bauer station has added 84,000 listeners since last year and is up 6.5% this quarter – the station’s best results in a decade.

3. Which station has surprised you this quarter?

Not quite a single station but one surprise is seeing the Capital Network (7.7 million) go above the Heart Network
 (7.5 million) in terms of reach.

first RAJAR since launch is also mightily impressive. But the biggest surprise for me was the weekly reach of Absolute Radio in London being down 30.8% this quarter and 16.9% year on year. The station network will find comfort in good performances from their digital brands however, with Absolute 80s now reaching 1.2 million listeners and their 60s and 90s stations also performing well.

4. How would you describe digital radio’s results?

After a really strong quarter two, this quarter’s results have remained static. However year on year results are looking good – digital share of all listening hours is up 14%, DAB listening up 13%, TV up 7% and online listening up 37%.

Over half (51%) of the UK population use a digital platform to access radio each week. More adults are adopting mobile listening than ever before with 23.8% claiming to have used their phones to access radio.

Digital radio’s success is highlighted by strong performances from digital-only stations Absolute 80s, Planet Rock, Kiss Fresh and Jazz FM.

5. What about the notorious London Breakfast Show battle?

In the London commercial market Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon on Capital FM (6 – 9am) retain their number 1 spot with over 1.08 million tuning in but it’s all change this quarter looking further down the rankings.

Kiss FM with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie (6 – 9am) are up from 3rd to 2nd but the biggest leap in position was with Nick Ferrari on talk-only station LBC 97.3 (7 – 10am) who have gone from 6th place last quarter and now claim third spot.

Heart London with Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston (6 – 9am) are just 7,000 listeners behind in fourth place and Neil Fox on Magic 105.4 (5 – 9am) a very close 5th.

Outside of commercial radio, Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw (6 – 10am) is down once again, losing 300,000 weekly listeners this quarter.

6. What’s your favourite fact this quarter?

Real Radio Scotland
and Capital Scotland are now neck and neck in terms of reach with 573,000 and 579,000 respectively. It will be interesting to see whether the High Courts agree with the Competition Commission’s ruling that one of those two must be sold as part of the GMG takeover deal.

And one more fact, Sunrise Radio (UK) are up a whopping 30.8% this quarter and 38% year on year to 556,000 weekly listeners. 

7. To close, describe RAJAR Q3 2013 in one sentence?

Happy 40th Birthday commercial radio!

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