Ed Vaizey outlines digital plans, why radio deserves more spend plus vote in Air Your Briefs ~ Behind the Mic

Feb 2015  Behind the Mic

Why radio advertising deserves more of marketers’ budgets

She’s a tough old boot that radio. Every decade seems to offer her competition in the form of new technology, but she never fails to transform and bounce back. Since commercial radio broadcasting first exploded into our lives in 1920, it has been one of the constants in the way we receive information and entertainment. To this day, radio has an unparalleled ability to create debates, make us cry, laugh out loud and educate us.

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Air Your Briefs voting: Check out these brilliant campaigns to ‘Save Soho’ and vote for your favourite

For our second Air Your Briefs challenge, The Drum asked you to come up with a radio ad to ‘Save Soho’. The London district was in the spotlight last week after a star-studded petition, featuring signatures from Stephen Fry and Sir John Hegarty, called on the government to halt residential development in the area and protect the “most creative square mile in the world”.

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Capital launches live London OOH music feed

Capital is streaming tracks played on the breakfast, mid-morning and drivetime shows on digital Outdoor Plus billboards, to persuade commuters and workers to switch over to the station.


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