It’s our 900th Newsletter!

May 2019  RadioWorks Blog

“So, here’s our 900th ‘weekly’ newsletter, sent out religiously, come rain or shine, to advertisers, agencies and radio/audio industry folk all over the UK and increasingly now worldwide. We only give you a break from it on Bank Holidays and over Xmas!

It actually started out as a monthly newsletter, so we’ve been compiling the ‘news’ for over 25 years now…that’s a long time to keep anything going, let me tell you!

I can still remember having the idea to do it and why! I was simply hoping to keep myself and my business front of mind for anyone requiring help putting together a radio advertising campaign…be it the choice of stations; deciding how much to invest; planning and buying the airtime; writing, producing and distributing the commercials; handling all the invoicing etc. Not to mention keeping everyone updated on the ever-changing commercial radio landscape.

It’s hard to believe, but email had yet to be invented, so I had to send each one out individually by fax!! Most of you reading this won’t even know what that entailed! Just let me say that it took a long time and I had to employ someone to stand by the fax machine all day getting them out! Luckily back then in the 1990’s our client base was much smaller as we’d only just created and launched the UK’s first ever independent radio advertising specialist agency…RadioWorks! There was simply nothing like it, so it took a while to establish ourselves within the industry and to prove our worth to the advertisers and agencies we wanted to work with.

And here we are today, still working to the same ethos and hopefully a bit more grown up! This newsletter has certainly evolved in its appearance and content, and thankfully it’s distribution, but the ingredients are still pretty much the same and it hopefully serves the same purpose, whilst keeping you all informed and connected.

I can’t miss the opportunity to thank Dana and my amazing marketing team for everything they do, not only in getting this newsletter together, but with all the others we now do across the RadioWorks Group. And thanks to all of you for supporting it and passing on your feedback. Here’s to the 1000th newsletter in a couple of years and to our 30th Anniversary which is getting ever closer…am I that old!?!?”

Written by Group CEO Michael Charnley-Heaton


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