Acast introduces personalised podcast ads with A Million Ads

Dec 2018  RadioWorks Blog

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Personalised ads are coming to Acast. The Podcast platform will be deploying tailor-made adverts, powered by A Million Ads, across its extensive podcast list.

The first brand to serve an ad this way through Acast, is iD Mobile. The Mobile network company targeted users listening to comedy podcasts across the UK, and were able to create an incredible 23,100 variations of an ad.

What makes these ads particularly special, is the customisable creative targeting. A Million Ads combines advertiser messaging with data such as the weather, time of day, location, show name or the kind of device the listener is using. Using this data allows Advertisers to serve various versions of an ad, customising aspects such as the voiceover, music and sound effects.

Acast’s Chief Commercial Officer, Oskar Serrander said “Podcasting is so unique because listeners are more engaged than in any other medium. Making ads fit that super-intimate experience is crucial for advertisers to be successful, and for us to make ads as effective as they can be. We are proud to be the first to offer personalised ads with A Million Ads in a way that podcasters, advertisers, and listeners and will love.”

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