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Nov 2015  RadioWorks Blog

streaming services

It’s all change in the world of streaming audio, with Pandora announcing last week that it is buying rival Rdio for $75m.

What we really want to know is how does this acquisition fit in to Pandora’s larger plan?

Back in June, we heard that Pandora had started approaching UK rights-holders in a bid to gain licences to re-launch its service here in Blighty! So far, this is still a rumour, but CEO Brian McAndrews used the Rdio acquisition to sketch his strategic vision for the company, mentioning global expansion, and an on-demand service.

Both new dimensions would radically alter Pandora’s consumer service profile, broadening its competitive mission. The plan has Pandora continuing its leadership role in non-interactive Internet radio, developing an on-demand platform alongside the radio listening, and bringing the entire experience to listeners around the world.

This new conception of Pandora would put the service into more explicit competition with Spotify, the global leader in on-demand music subscription, which also operates an ad-supported, radio-like experience.

McAndrews called the plan “a truly transformative vision for our future, positioning Pandora to become the definitive source for music enjoyment and discovery globally.”

“We intend to be the go‐to music destination, unifying the full music experience under one roof, spanning radio, on demand, and live music. In sum, we will provide music where you want it, how you want it, and for everyone who wants it.”

We’ll keep you posted on any further Pandora/UK updates!

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