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Jan 2021  RadioWorks Blog

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Presenters Bev Turner and Marina Fogle have joined forces with PodcastWorks – part of the RadioWorks Group – to launch the brand-new podcast ‘As Good As It Gets?’.

The new PodcastWorks series sees Bev and Marina sharing their thoughts and perspectives on a range of themes that are closest to their hearts. The podcast comprises a series of conversations, full of sincerity, anecdotes and laughter in an effort to address some of the biggest questions of all: what is genuine happiness? Where or when should you expect to find it? What changes would you need to make to get there? And ultimately, has life already been As Good As It Gets?

As Good As It Gets? will cover a whole host of major issues affecting both men and women of their generation: relationship wellbeing, loneliness, professional satisfaction, financial uncertainty, gratitude and perspective, parenting challenges and identity crises. Bev and Marina will dig deep into their own experiences of change, loss, grief and reinvention to bring comfort, amusement and inspiration to others who may be turning over the same philosophical dilemmas about finding true contentment.

The pair introduce the new series with the topic of “Identity” and how women are often viewed in relation to the children and partners in their lives. It can be hard as a mother to know who you are on any given day. Reinvention has become even more important with professional lives evolving in the modern world of work. How do you keep a sense of who you are so that empty nest syndrome can be avoided? And how do you decide who to be after a cataclysmic event such as divorce or the loss of a child?

In later episodes, Bev and Marina discuss “Friendship”, reflecting on their own relationship and the strange days of being left at home whilst their partners, James Cracknell and Ben Fogle rowed around the world. Through the difficult times of Bev’s marriage coming to an end and Marina losing a child, they look back on the best and worst of friends they’ve had and ask the question: is there more to come or have those times been As Good As It Gets?.

Presenter Bev will be known to many listeners for her work with the BBC, ITV, Sky One and LBC. Outside of her broadcasting career, Bev also founded Happy Birth Club, a set of ante-natal and post-natal classes for pregnant couples.

Much like the endeavours of her co-host, Marina is also a founder of an ante-natal business. Established alongside sister Dr Chiara Hunt, The Bump Class seeks to help mothers prepare for their labour journey. Following their success, Bump Class founders, Marina and Chiara, released the book The Bump Class: An Expert Guide to Pregnancy and launched their very own podcast The Parent Hood, which brings their unique blend of advice and pragmatic parenting to listeners.

Bev and Marina continue to run ‘rival’ ante-natal class businesses yet remain firm friends and godparents to each other’s children. Even though it hasn’t always been plain sailing, it’s a friendship built on mutual respect and admiration.

Bev Turner said:

“Over the years, I would go to Marina to seek her advice as she is smart, unafraid of what other people might think and full of practical solutions. Being married to an errant adventurer is tough, but she always makes life look easy. She’s been a huge source of comfort to couples in the baby-loss community and I love that she can now bring her strength and wisdom to a wider audience on broader topics. We also have a good laugh which frankly everyone needs right now.”

Marina Fogle says:

“Whenever I have a conversation with Bev, I end up wiser, happier and with a smile on my face.  The woman is direct, honest, thoughtful and to the point.  We don’t always see eye to eye, but neither of us is afraid to confront the other.  Our chats are always refreshing and insightful – just the kind of thing the world of podcasts needs!”

Ally Lang, Commissioning Editor of PodcastWorks, said:

“The world of podcasts has been crying out for a series where funny, and intelligent people talk about stuff for grown-ups. Marina and Bev’s honesty is going to shock a few people, but their gift for storytelling and sharing their experiences, no matter how personal, will have anyone who listens hooked. As Good As It Gets? perfectly matches the PodcastWorks vision of creating engaging, mainstream entertainment that brands can buy into.”

Episodes 1-5 are available on all major platforms. Visit acast to listen to the official trailer.


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