Audio advertising may be the bright spot in 2020

Dec 2020  RadioWorks Blog

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Written by Dana Zoje | Marketing Manager

The shift from a world on-the-go, to life at home has sparked significant changes in consumer habits and media usage. Store closures during lockdown have prevented the mass footfall we would typically see on Black Friday. In exchange, sales have been taken online, with consumers confined to their homes, away from physical stores. Marketers will need to adapt to these changes and more importantly, pick up on the connection between the growth of at-home consumerism and the upturn in audio consumption for future success.

Throughout 2020, people have become more dependent and more connected with audio for means of entertainment, companionship and distraction from the clamour of Covid-19. More time spent at home has sparked a huge surge in audio consumption, with 41% growth in connected listening and more than a third of British commercial radio listeners tuning in for an extra hour and 53 minutes each day. We too conducted our own survey asking participants if their listening habits changed during lockdown. The result? An impressive 71% answered “yes- I listen more”, and this is further reflected in various studies conducted by the industry.

The latest research issued by Radiocentre indicates that 90% of respondents listen to commercial radio because it keeps them company and 82% because it makes them happy. So, the reason for the rise in listening is more often than not, an emotional one. The close bond between radio and its listeners and the ever-increasing demand for audio streaming should challenge brands to rethink how they communicate with their target audience and consider audio advertising.

If Black Friday has taught us anything, it’s that marketers will need to rethink strategy and assess how best to encourage customers to engage with their products and services from home. We think that taking advantage of the growing use of audio is a no brainer. Radio, podcasts and on-demand music streaming are thriving, immersive environments, with huge audiences, ideal for ad placement. Although relatively underutilised compared to its visual counterparts, audio advertising could be exactly what is needed to boost brand exposure in a time when media consumption and purchasing habits are continually developing.



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