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May 2019  RadioWorks Blog

On Wednesday 22nd May, RadioWorks Group hosted an intimate gathering for the unveiling this year’s ‘Audio Sessions’ event. Held at the WOOD Manchester, the morning session was attended by numerous regional independent media agencies from across the North.

Led by our Regional RadioWorks Team and partnered with DAX and Spotify, we aimed to explore the unremitting growth of the digital audio; the medium’s irrefutable influence and the opportunities it presents for brands looking to connect with audiences.

Here are the key takeaways:

    1. We took a closer look at Spotify’s streaming intelligence which allows advertisers to connect with audiences at the most important and relevant moments.
    2. According to Spotify, innovation is fueling audio streaming growth. The proliferation of connected cars and smart speakers are pushing the trend in audio listening. In the last year alone, Spotify has seen a 55% increase in streaming in-car, along with a 130% increase in smart speaker streams.
    3. DAX presented their data-driven audio solutions. They focused on technological developments as it drives more touchpoints for consumers to connect with audio and brands.
    4. Digital Audio reach has doubled without impacting Radio.
    5. Smart Speaker share of the Digital Audio landscape is at 17%, while Smartphone and PC take up a 75% share.
    6. Looking at weekly reach in the last three years, both smartphones and smart speakers reveal a healthy upward trend, with voice tech continuing to overtake tablets.
    7. Reasons for using voice tech are as follows:
        • 55% say “It’s convenient”
        • 52% say “it’s simple to use”
        • 49% say “it’s faster than typing”

Chief Operating Officer Emma Hill said: “Our Regional ‘Audio Sessions’ event was a huge success. I personally was immensely proud and thrilled to see such a keen interest amongst attendees in all things audio.

Following a busy week for Radio and Audio, we are so pleased to have partnered with industry leaders, Radiocentre’s celebrated Radio Audio Week and hosted not only ‘Audio Sessions’, but also our greatly anticipated ‘Podcasts: What’s The Point?’ event.

As the Digital Audio medium continues to flourish, as do the opportunities for advertisers. RadioWorks Group remains committed to digital audio as part of our complete audio solutions in the UK and beyond.”

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