Big Money Pours into Podcasting

Jun 2019  RadioWorks Blog


Podcasting may have started off as an off-beat small scale medium, but has become a truly mainstream proposition in recent years.

Mammoth media entities have begun laying groundwork to fully incorporate podcasts under their future remit, with two recent examples being the $500 million set aside by Spotify for acquisitions and the purchasing of Stuff media by iHeartMedia for $55 million.

Entertainment personalities such as Trevor Noah and Will Ferrell have also caught on to its potential, extending their brand from film and TV into podcasting also. Small wonder that $479 million in advertising revenue was estimated in 2018, with over a billion forecast by 2021.

From an outside perspective, the big money being poured into podcasting scream success for the future of the industry. However, some creators are apprehensive of this commercial transition…

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