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So, this week I’ve had the joy of renewing my car insurance for the year. I received my renewal documents in the post and found that they wanted to put my insurance up even though I’ve had no crashes or claims. Of course I went along to the many comparison websites to see if I could get a better deal and sure enough I managed to save myself quite a few quid. Being on these sites reminded me of a website that the techy team over at The OGS Labs (Absolute Radio) developed a while back called Compare My Radio.

Compare My Radio, compares radio stations’ music output and allows users to find out where they are most likely to hear their favourite artists, or how to avoid those really annoying songs. By clicking on my local station, Eagle FM, I can see that over the last 30 days the most played artists are Olly Murs and Bruno Mars, with ‘Stay’ by Rihanna being the most played song. I can also search by artist, so if I really wanted to listen to some Ben Howard I can see that XFM Manchester and XFM London play his tracks the most. The same can also be done for specific tracks. For me, things get really interesting when you start comparing radio stations. Recently Bauer radio bought digital only station Planet Rock and at the time there were a few discussions about its cross-over with their current station Kerrang!. The below chart, taken from Compare My Radio, shows that actually there is very little cross-over between the stations…

Planet Rock vs Kerrang! Comparison - Venn

In fact, in the last 30 days, the top ten songs that each station played have been completely different…

Planet Rock vs Kerrang! Comparison - Bands

There was also talk of potential cross-over between Planet Rock and Q, but a quick search shows that there are only 209 shared tracks between the stations – less than there currently are between Q and Kerrang (348 shared tracks). With this in mind it stands to reason that Planet Rock will sit alongside Q and Kerrang in Bauer’s stable of rock-focused digital stations.

So, the moral to this story is two-fold: Never just renew your car insurance without searching around first and if you want to find out about a radio station’s current playlist before you buy it (or listen to it) you can by going to

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