Christmas audio advertising: crank up the volume this Christmas

Oct 2020  RadioWorks Blog

Christmas audio advertising

While it isn’t beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, this week marks the beginning of the countdown, with only twelve weeks to go until the big day. Put plainly, Christmas is well on its way to becoming one of the most memorable to date. It will likely be a holiday unlike any we’ve ever experienced. Yet, studies show that nearly a quarter of people will start planning for Christmas earlier than usual, as something to look forward to… and with good reason.

Having spent most of 2020 in isolation, many would probably agree that Christmas could be this year’s saving grace. As we enter the golden quarter, preparation and careful consideration will be at the forefront of everything we do, given the circumstances. But caution doesn’t necessarily mean silence.

Let’s not forget that the nation has suffered a great tragedy. Following these turbulent times, people will be longing for uplifting content and turning to their favourite audio companions for that very sentiment. This gives advertisers an incredible opportunity to make an impact. The RadioWorks Group can provide the tools you need to send the right message, through audio, that is packaged in a way that resonates with listeners and that will trigger the right response. If you’re still unsure, here are some key stats.


Listeners love gift-giving

  • 18% are more likely to buy Christmas gifts for more than 15 people

  • 21% are more likely to give gifts that have the ‘wow factor’

  • When asked ‘have you done any of your Christmas shopping so far this year’, 18% said yes and 61% said no, but they intend to

People expect Christmas ads

  • 42% say they will be a welcome distraction from the past year

  • 25% say they are looking forward to the big Christmas ads

  • 43% say ads should acknowledge Covid-19 and the effect it has had this year

  • 17% say they should help choose what to buy

People are likely to co-listen from home

  • 42% say they are likely to party less this Christmas which means more time at home with loved ones

  • Spotify listening session lengths increase by 10% from October through January as people gather around their connected devices to co-listen

  • Smart speaker streams increased by 76% between October-December 2019

Listeners are charitable around Christmas

  • 62% of people in the UK are more likely to donate to a charity from advertisements on radio (compared to 26% on TV)

  • 70% say they will donate this Christmas

  • 10% of people will donate 10% more this Christmas


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