Connected devices enrich commercial radio experience for listeners

Oct 2020  RadioWorks Blog

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The way we listen to radio today is evolving. With the adoption of smart speakers and other connected devices, listeners are able to access their favourite stations beyond traditional means. Following this growing popularity, a new European Commission inquiry is investigating the role of companies in this market. In response, The Association of European Radios (AER), the European Trade body for private and commercial radio, has highlighted several key factors affecting our industry as a result of this growth.

Commercial radio content online

The proliferation and continued growth of connected devices have spurred the commercial radio industry to develop its content and presence in this competitive digital environment, in an attempt to remain relevant to its listeners.

Most radio stations are today accessible online thanks to the development of their own websites, apps and/or industry-wide initiatives such as Radioplayer. According to AER, these offers often complement linear broadcasting radio and considerably enrich and personalise radio content for the benefit of listeners who are able to listen to their favourite radios’ (new) formats on new devices.

Commercial radio via smart speakers

Additionally, commercial radio stations are also available on a wide variety of smart devices. Smart speakers represent a new distribution channel that offers an opportunity for media exposure and development. Research shows that radio and audio represent a major part of audio listening on these devices and have become increasingly more popular in Europe: 8.7 million of Germans, 3.2 million of French and at least 1 in 5 homes in the UK is estimated to be using one of the available brands on the market.

Connected car listening

Connected cars incorporate radio and audio services into their on-board (connected) infotainment systems. Research shows that consumers value radio in the car with 82% of car buyers saying that they would never consider a car without a radio. The integration of radio apps, web players and device integrations in cars is thereby a key priority for the radio industry.

Read the Association of European Radios’ full comments on the European Commission inquiry here.


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