DAX Launches in Canada

Nov 2018  RadioWorks Blog

Global has acquired the digital audio sales division of Canadian based, leanStream. This move brings DAX, the digital audio advertising platform to Canada and gives Global an ad sales and ad tech footprint in the country, signalling the launch of DAX Canada.

The platform’s reach grows to 165 million people streaming digital audio through premium publisher brands. DAX’s presence in the market means that Canadian advertisers can now use DAX’s extensive audience targeting and unique audio attribution tool ‘Listener Insight ID’ across the existing leanStream publisher portfolio.

Chris Nimigon, Chief Revenue Officer of leamStream will now become Chief Revenue Officer of DAX Canada and lead the business. All leanStream sales team members will join DAX, while leanStream’s existing business will continue to sell its digital streaming services. Global have added Toronto to its list of office locations alongside its headquarters in London and DAX divisions based in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Hamburg and Paris.

Mike Gordon, Chief Commercial Officer at Global, said: “We’ve seen DAX triumph in new markets and demand from advertisers worldwide continues to grow at pace. We have been watching the Canadian market for a while now and feel it is ripe for growth. Our vision is to add the DAX data and attribution capabilities to leanStream’s broad publisher portfolio to deliver a world-class audio solution for Canadian advertisers. We are excited to be adding a brilliant new team to DAX and we’re looking forward to making DAX Canada a huge success.”

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