Deezer launches in Middle East, Government announces Audio Content Fund & Property Radio to Launch on DAB in London

Oct 2018  Radio News

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Deezer Launches in Middle East and North Africa

First Spotify, now Deezer – the rival streaming service has beat Spotify to the punch and is now available in the Middle East & North Africa ahead of Spotify’s planned launch in November.


Industry News stories

Government makes £3m available for radio content

The government has announced a new Audio Content Fund for public service radio programmes. The scheme, which will initially be a pilot lasting up to three years, aims to increase
the reach of public service audio content through commercial radio, which faces barriers in terms of raising advertising revenue around such content.

Radio Today

Netflix approaches radio as a marketing experiment

Netflix is readying the January launch of its 24-hour comedy channel on satellite radio station SiriusXM.
The company’s chief executive has said it’s approaching the experiment as a marketing play rather than a new revenue stream.

The Drum

Property Radio to launch on DAB in London

Property Radio is launching via the Fix Radio weekend schedule on DAB in London this November.

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