Gaydio gets ready for full launch on FM in Brighton and is talkRADIO changing to ‘talkNEWS’?

Feb 2019  Radio News

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Spotify posts first profit, hits Q4 target of 96 million subscribers

While the post-IPO focus of Spotify’s earnings has been on user growth, the streaming giant revealed an even more eye-catching result – its first-ever quarterly profit.

Spotify has always stressed a long-term strategy of growth over profits. But in the fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2018, the DSP had operating income of €94 million (£82.6m) after a series of consistent quarterly losses. It reduced operating expenses to €305m (£268.1m).

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Gaydio gets ready for full launch on FM in Brighton

Gaydio has ‘soft-launched’ in Brighton on FM using its community radio licence, and has introduced a new jingles package from ReelWorld.

The station is already available on DAB in cities across the UK but this will be the first time Gaydio has permanently been heard on FM outside of Manchester, the place where the station launched with an RSL licence in 2006.

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Rumour has it talkRADIO could change to ‘talkNEWS’

Chris Evans has told listeners to his Virgin Radio breakfast show that Wireless’ talkRADIO is going to rebrand as talkNEWS – and suggested Nick Ferrari and John Humphrys would be great signings.

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Connect FM and Heart Herts sold by Adventure Radio

Communicorp has made its first radio acquisition with the purchase of Connect FM in Kettering and Heart in Hertfordshire from Adventure Radio.

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