Global seeks approval to own almost half of iHeartMedia plus, Chris Evans “welcomes” Graham Norton to Virgin Radio UK in new TV ad

Mar 2021  Radio News


Global seeks approval to own almost half of iHeartMedia

Global Media & Entertainment Investments has sought permission to take almost 50% shareholding in iHeartMedia, Inc.

Global currently holds 8.7% shareholding of iHeartMedia after an investment vehicle funded by Global investor Michael Tabor (previously known as Honeycomb) made the transaction last month.


Chris Evans “welcomes” Graham Norton to Virgin Radio UK in new TV ad

The tongue in cheek ad plays on how Chris might be regretting luring Graham to Virgin Radio. Back in September 2020 Graham joined Chris on the Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about his latest bestseller, Home Stretch. At the time, Graham said he could see his house from the studios on the 17th floor of The News Building, and Chris teased him about joining.

The spoof ad sees Chris in a studio reflecting on whether he’s made a mistake as Graham is pampered in the control room. Chris ends up taking his frustration out on a ukulele and a guitar bemoaning: “All he does is two shows a week…. and he gets the nice biscuits!”.

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Comic Relief x Acast // Red Nose Day Podcast Mashup

Acast has teamed up with Comic Relief to bring the UK’s most popular podcasts together for a special one-off series. The Red Nose Day Podcast Mashup will help raise money to create positive change in the UK and around the world.

In the greatest crossover event in podcasting history, listeners will hear what happens when two of their favourite Acast Creator Network podcasts are mixed, mingled and mashed up to create new, hilarious shows like they’ve never heard before.


New station Radio Southend gets ready to launch

Radio Southend will play music from the 80s to today along with news, weather, travel, entertainment news, interviews, competitions and local events 24 hours a day.

Breakfast will be hosted by Mark Grantham, with Nat Solomans on the Home Run and Greg Martin in the evening.





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