Greatest Hits Radio and Hits Radio Network to launch My Local Market plus, how brands have approached Christmas in 2020

Dec 2020  Radio News

my local market

Greatest Hits Radio joins with the Hits Radio Network to launch My Local Market

To further its efforts to support local businesses, the Hits Radio Brand Network today announces the launch of ‘My Local Market,’ a virtual marketplace which allows small business owners to connect to more consumers at this challenging time.

Open for any small business with either physical premises or an online selling platform, traders are encouraged to sign up and create a market stall for free from today, ahead of the launch on 7th December.

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‘Copying doesn’t cut it’: how brands have approached Christmas in 2020

They used to say of Frank Sinatra that if you sang like him you were copying, and if you didn’t sing like him, you were doing it all wrong. Then 1969 came along and a whole host of things made the 54-year-old seem not nearly as relevant as he once was. In an effort to maintain his popularity he recorded big band versions of songs by The Beatles, Jimmy Webb and Paul Simon. Where’s this going? Well, for the past decade John Lewis have been pretty much setting the standard for seasonal schmaltz, but right now, like back in the late sixties, we’ve all stopped, looked around, and everybody’s seen what’s going down, and what’s going down is a more grown-up, complicated world where monsters under beds and parents smuggling rocking horses upstairs are not going to resonate in any way that’s positive. And neither would some of the reported budgets involved, particularly with unemployment and borrowing where they are. So, how have brands approached their Christmas messaging in 2020?

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Radiocentre plans December ‘Tuning In’ event

A new online event for the radio industry will take place on December 9th, called Radiocentre’s Tuning In: Breaking Out of the Bubble.

It will aim to challenge perceptions with new research that offers surprising insights into the commercial radio audience and challenges perceived norms in the ad market.


The Beast returns to Union JACK for new radio quiz

Union JACK has brought back Mark “The Beast” Labbett to front a new and revamped twice-weekly quiz show.

The Beast of all Pub Quizzes broadcasts live at 1pm every Tuesday and Thursday with the use of voice-activated technology using mobile phones.

To join in, listeners simply need to download the Union JACK radio App for free and listen online of via DAB.




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